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Forge Mk5 Twintake Install

DIY: Forge Mk5 Twintake Install from Michael Savko on Vimeo.

This video covers installation of Forge Motorsport’s new Twintake (twin filtered intake) for the Mk5 2.0T. According to their website, there are a few variations of this intake depending on which car you are installing this in. This particular video was shot on a 2006 Mk5 FSI car.

The design of this intake is unique in that it is able to draw air from two different locations and force it down into one inlet pipe before reaching the turbo. One may think that the turbo is only going to suck in so much air, so why bother with two filter sources? However, pay special attention to the dyno graphs at the end of the video. The one done on the Scirocco compares Forge’s original single inlet design with their twin design, and gains in the upper rpm range can be seen quite easily.