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42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushings

DIY: 42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushings from Michael Savko on Vimeo.

These shifter bushings from 42 Draft Designs have been on the market for quite some time now, but with there being different variations in bushings from the late model Mk4s up to the Mk6 cars, I figured making a “master” DIY was a good idea. Now, these bushings are also meant for Audi’s, and although I do not mention them in the video, 42 Draft Designs does cater to you guys. If you go to their website, they’ll help you pick out which bushings you should buy, and from there you can use this DIY video as a guide for your install.

The benefit of installing these shifter bushings is to give a more direct, linked feel when rowing through the gears. The stock bushings are rubber and/or plastic and dampen the feel when a gear is selected.