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1.8T Engine Bay Cleanup – Part 2

DIY: 1.8T Engine Bay Cleanup – Part 2 from Michael Savko on Vimeo.

This video picks up where the Part 1 video left off by doing a clean edit of the brake booster system. The brake booster utilizes vacuum from the intake manifold to assist in braking. Even though this is getting cleaned up, your brakes will still function as normal and you will still get the “power assist” as always.

This edit CAN be done prior to Part 1, however if you’ve been through the Part 1 video, you’ll notice that with everything in the way it won’t go as quickly as shown here. Also, depending on the year and model of your 1.8T car, you might not have the upper line going to the inlet pipe. Just remove whatever is connected to the brake booster system in order to run one single line as shown here.