Getting noticed is in the details

Refreshed GLI

The owner of this 2005 Mk4 Jetta GLI I’ve known for quite a bit of time and sadly for the past 2 or so years, he had been experiencing nothing but continuous problems with his car. Aside from the poor fabrication done previously, it was plagued with misfires and eratic boost spikes and limp mode. The initial plan for this build was to primarily bring it back to a stout, high performing stock turbo setup that wouldn’t leave him stranded. To take it a bit further, as I try to do, he was looking for some custom work and finishing to really make it all stand out. With parts from Forge Motorsport, 42 Draft Designs, and Integrated Engineering, among others, he can rest assured that putting this Mk4 through the gears will keep him smiling day in and day out. Once all fabrication was complete, coatings were performed by Rack Coating and metal polishing by Extreme Metal.

First set of pictures below shows how I received this car, and once torn down all of the dirt and grime everywhere. The second set is how it left complete. Enjoy!

The intercooler piping in the front bumper has a black teflon coating to be more resistant to road debris and gravel. The intake manifold has a black thermal barrier to keep engine bay heat out. The custom fab’d 42 Draft Designs catch can is coated with wrinkle black.