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Rare Hare

Back in early 2008, the “Rare Hare,” as it was most commonly known, became the first performance project I had undertaken other than my own vehicle. At the time, the car belonged to a close friend, and I was a co-owner of another business to take this GTI from a mildly modded stock turbo car to something capable of 400whp reliably. After adding a GT2871R turbo with Unitronic software and supporting hardware, this 20th A.E. had the go to match it’s already existing show. A few parts in the bay were also polished and powdercoated for added visual value. The addition of water-alcohol injection brought out a new beast that not only gave this car the power it needed, but also a distinct “race car” smell as unused mix was shot out the TiAL blow off valve just inside the bumper opening.