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Matching 20th

Having had a a couple years to enjoy an APR Stage 3+ turbo setup, the owner of this clean, OEM+’d 20th was itching for more. This project took place while I was with my old company, and during numerous talks about plans for my own project, his decision was to match my proposed setup, on a mission to breach 500whp and still have street-ability around town. Driving in with a built bottom end, focus was shifted toward the cylinder head, turbo setup, and intake side to try and drastically increase air and fuel flow. An HTA’d GT3076R from Forced Performance gave quick spool and increased airflow over a standard unit, sitting atop a custom stainless steel tubular manifold, and feeding air through custom fab’d intercooler plumbing and an SEM Motorsports intake manifold. Oil and coolant lines for the turbo were bent with stainless steel tubing for added show. Unitronic software kept everything working in sync, while water-alcohol kept everything cool and allowed for the power goals to be met.