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Mk4 Dual Gauge Pod

For the longest time, I wasn’t insanely happy about the gauge pod offerings available for the Mk4s due to the GLI having an MFA in the gauge cluster. Your aftermarket gauge either blocks it completely, or is offset and blocks your tach or speedo, or both! Having never seen this design completed I knew this project deserved a dual gauge pod that just made sense. The guys at 42 Draft Designs kindly donated two VDO gauge cups to use for this custom pod. A local friend, who recently started Element6 Carbon, is a master with fiberglass. Utilizing half of a Mk4 dashboard sourced from the forum classifieds, dreams took shape as the gauge cups were molded in sync with a factory steering column trim cover. When installed (as seen below) the gauges are easily visible as well as cover up what I consider the “least important” values of the factory gauge cluster: 1,000 rpm and lower, and 145mph and higher.

Currently, I’m attempting to locate a plastic molding manufacturer capable of replicating this pod with opposing draft angles. If/when complete these will be offered for sale and news will be posted.