Getting noticed is in the details


Having been in and out of the VAG performance business world in my recent past, it became clear that there is yet another void left open by every “engineering, tuning, and wholesale parts” business plan. Perhaps, I see it only due to my passion for what I am about, and that is simply going above and beyond with a project. Whether you are simply a VAG enthusiast looking to draw the crowd, or a company in need of a showcase, my goal is to offer this scene a viable option for those who would like to rip through the envelope. I have spent the last few years honing my ability to see beyond the “bolt-on,” and with a mechanical engineering degree and natural hands-on take on my side, it should come to no surprise that I’d much prefer building a creation, rather than selling parts you’ll find on every other website. Services will range from a simple to complex performance build-up, to complete one off projects and parts design, to entire cars. I’ll be teaming up with only the best parts manufacturers and finishers available to ensure your total package is nothing short of mind-blowing.