Getting noticed is in the details

Well greetings everyone. Hope the new leap year is going well for you. On the personal end, I’ve been sidetracked quite a bit but still managed to maintain things on the business end. I’ve picked up some new accounts and started making some plans for show season. I’ve already been to Southern Worthersee and the next one up is Waterfest in Englishtown, NJ.

I’ve decided to take some initiative and give everyone a heads up about what to expect concerning Unitronic software at this show. Obviously, the Uni guys will be in full attendance so make sure to stop by their booth and check out everything they have going on. They’ve been providing some of the better entertainment every year. As for the software flashing side of things, in recent years past, there have been no attempts to provide anything for customers with 2010+ cars. Why? Well, here’s the reason. In order to perform an initial software upgrade, we must get your ECU out of the car, split it open, boot pin flash, and reinstall. On average, this could take up to an hour and a half. Assuming there are 4-5 people who can perform this process simultaneously, over the course of the hours of the show, the total amount of cars that can be done is way less than if there are a line of cars that only require an OBD-2 flash.

That being said, I am going to be bringing every bit of tooling necessary to flash any car 2010 or newer. I am unaware of Unitronic’s plans to do the same, but in hopes of easing their load on flashing cars and allowing them to get as many OBD-2 flashes in and out throughout the day, I’m going to do my best to attend to everyone’s car that needs a little more work to get Unitronic software installed. Typically, the Waterfest discount will be $100 off so long as you pre-register, and $50 off during the weekend. I don’t have a fancy application form made up so best way to schedule something is via my email, at The discount for 2010+ cars is applied to retail pricing + installation of $50. Therefore, to find what you would pay, go to Unitronic‘s site, find your desired file price, add $50 for install, and then deduct the pre-registration discount of $100 or the weekend discount of $50. Any customers with cars older than 2010 will not have to worry about the installation charge. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, do not hesitate to ask as I’m very open about how it all works.

In other news, the custom dual gauge pod I had made a couple years back is now being revisited to hopefully turn into a full production item. It’s a little early at this point but I’ve sent it out to an injection molder for prototyping. Keep your fingers crossed!