Getting noticed is in the details

Less than 2 weeks til the always-anticipated H2O International in Ocean City. We were all on pins and needles all summer waiting for confirmation and I think we all felt a rush of air as we exhaled with relief. With what little time left we have I wanted to post a quick update mostly concerning what I’ll be doing all weekend. Well, other than the usual partying and making rounds with friends I only get to see a few times a year, I’ll be offering all of you 2010 VW and Audi customers a way to get a Unitronic flash at the show discount of $100 off retail. Perhaps some of you can recall requesting for such a service at other shows this year, especially at Waterfest which is still the most crowded event all year. The special attention required for you 2010 customers is that the ECU physically needs removed from the vehicle, split open, and “boot-pin” flashed, whereas all 2009 and earlier cars can be flashed simply through the OBD-II port inside the vehicle. Not only does this process demand more attention and care in the process, but it is also a bit more time consuming, and with lines of customers at every big show it isn’t feasible for most chip tuners to offer this AT the show grounds. I, however, will be able to take care of anyone looking to do this at any point of the weekend, outside show grounds. The only “catch,” if you will, is there is a $50 installation fee as this is not a simple OBD-II flash. Even so, the end pricing still comes to a respectable $50 off retail. If you have any interest at all in this procedure, shoot me an email and we can coordinate what will work best.

In other news, the 1OFF GLI is roaring again and ready to make the 9 hour haul from Ohio. I expect sometime after H2Oi there will be a newly uploaded video solely covering this car. See you in 10 days!