Getting noticed is in the details

I’ve had a busy couple months since the last update and with the first half of 2011 already gone, time for a much needed update.

The 1OFF GLI has been short lived thus far, experiencing somewhat of a cylinder head failure prior to the first show of the year, Southern Worthersee. With it torn apart for repair, it gives me a chance to make a few much-needed updates with the goal being to display the car at H2Oi in September. Aside from my own car, I still have a Mk4 GTI project in the works that will push the bar further than with my own vehicle. Also, the Refreshed GLI project page has been moved to the Past projects section as it’s been over 3 months since completion.

Having been busy attending car shows, I didn’t have much time for new DIY videos, until recently. I’ve just uploaded one for 42 Draft Designs’ popular CNC’d Shifter Bushings. Their fitment ranges from late model Mk4’s to Mk6 cars, with Audi’s included. However, they have slightly different bushings depending on the car, yet I was able to make one DIY video to help with install of all variations. Check it out!

Finally, I will be in attendance at this year’s Waterfest car show in Englishtown, NJ. Tentative plans are to assist Unitronic Chipped with flashing, specifically the 2010 cars that require quite a bit more work to flash than earlier model cars. I’ll be bringing tooling to remove, split, flash, and reinstall these ECU’s and offering the same listed discount on their website. Cheers to a good weekend ahead!