Getting noticed is in the details

This video update is well long overdue for the mass crowd of FSI owners I’m sure…but better late than never. It wasn’t up until recently I had suggested to my father that he have me replace the cam follower that sits between the high pressure fuel pump and the cam lobe on his 2007 2.0T Passat. The car currently has 151,000+ miles on the clock, and yes, on the original follower. This should sound blasphemous to most all of you, but that’s not here nor there. He spends much of his time driving at around 2500-3000rpm on the freeway, so the decrease in wear is expected. Anywho, this was a perfect opportunity to display how easy it is for you to get your follower out and a brand new one installed in no time. I had also taken notice that Forge Motorsport released some witty new T-shirts displaying their encouragement to all FSI owners keeping an eye on their cam followers. As seen in the video, they are very comfortable shirts and fit quite well. Personally, I do not wear a shirt unless it meets both of these requirements, which usually go hand in hand. You can rest assured this will be one you reach for in your closet frequently. Here is a quick link to Forge’s product page for the T.

Although it’s been a couple weeks, I wanted to make light of the video update I’ve done most recently and that was the Part 2 of the 1.8T Engine Bay Cleanup. In this episode, the brake booster system was edited on the same car we performed the Part 1 delete. Hopefully in the very near future there will be one final portion displaying a general catch can installation to clean up the factory PCV system. Stay tuned.

To cap this update I am excited for a new project to get working on in the form of a Mk4 1.8T engine bay. I won’t be posting much information during the duration of the build, but the goal is to make it the cleanest 1.8T (and possibly even Mk4) engine bay in existence. I’ve been dreaming up a few ideas these past couple weeks and some are ideas I had planned for my own car over this past winter but never got around to doing. Instead they will be applied here. Bring on the summer!